Below are a few of the performances and recording projects I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of over the years. Please feel free to watch, listen and share as much as you like.


I was lucky enough to collaborate on a larger recording project, recently, with some great musicians, called “I Won’t Hold My Breath.” Chris Rios played drums and was co-editor in video/audio editing, Romeo Palacios was on guitar, Chucky Kim played bass, I wrote the lyrics, melody and sang; David Castañeda wrote the music for the track and edited audio and the video. Listen, enjoy and share:


I also participated in the performative work, A Sublime Madness in the Soul, this past August. It was musically directed and composed by operatic singer/artist/my vocal teacher, Juliana Snapper and the libretto was arranged by Los Angeles based artist, Susan Silton. A short excerpt can be viewed below and more information about this piece can be found online and at Take a listen below:


Another collaborative cover recording, “Sway,” between myself and fellow musician, David Castañeda. This time David plays percussion and piano, along with arranging, recording, mixing, and producing the video. Take a listen:


A collaborative cover recording, “Sabor a Mi,” between myself and fellow musician, David Castañeda. David played guitar, arranged, recorded, mixed and produced the video, and I provided the vocals. Enjoy!


I was fortunate enough to perform with the David Castañeda Quartet who were opening for the AC Jazz Project at the Loft on the UC San Diego campus a couple of years back. Here is the video for that performance: