#OnRepeat: Stevie Wonder’s “Some Day at Christmas

This week, I’ve had Stevie Wonder’s “Someday at Christmas” #OnRepeat. I saw an a cappella group perform this song at Disneyland California Adventure for their Festival of Holidays and the melody has been stuck in my head ever since.

I know I’ve written about Stevie Wonder before, but those who haven’t read that or who haven’t come across his music, Stevie Wonder is a blind singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Michigan. He is famous for his recordings he did with Motown, which include “I Just Called to Say I Love You,” “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours,” “Superstition,” “You Are the Sunshine of My Life,” and “Overjoyed.”

“Someday at Christmas” was written and recorded in 1967 by Stevie Wonder for his Christmas album, and is a song whose lyrics talk about the hope for peace, joy and freedom in the future during the holiday season. Stevie Wonder’s wide vocal range and great improvisational skills exemplify the hope and warmth the exudes from the lyrics of the song. The melody is simple and memorable, like a lullaby, making you sing this song long after it has stopped playing.

Take a listen below:

What is your favorite holiday song?

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#OnRepeat: Marvin Gay & Tammi Terrell “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

This week, I’ve had Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” #OnRepeat. This has always been a favorite Marvin Gaye song and for some reason this week I haven’t been able to stop listening to it.

Marvin Gaye was a singer, songwriter, drummer, and record producer from Washington D.C. His playing and singing style helped shape the Motown sound of the 1960s and would eventually influence many future Neo Soul and R&B singers. Some of his most well-known songs are “Let’s Get It On,” “What’s Going On,” “You’re All I Need to Get By,” and “Inner City Blues.”

Tammi Terrell is a singer from Philadelphia who became famous for her string of duets with Marvin Gaye and for her brief work with James Brown. Along with “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” her other hits were “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing” and “You’re All I Need to Get By.” Had she not died at an early age from cancer, she would have no doubt been very successful on the Motown, and later, R&B scene.

The song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” is essentially a love song; one person tells another how they’ll be there for the other no matter what because of their undying, unconditional love. The theme and words are straight forward (heavy and bittersweet, if you think about it), but the music itself is upbeat and catchy, causing you to sing the melody long after the song has ended. Gaye and Terrell’s voices blend nicely together and individually, they bring a soulful and sweet element to the song through phrasing and vocal riffs.

Take a listen below:

Do you have a singer  or group that you can’t stop listening to? Leave a comment below!

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#OnRepeat: Gaby Moreno’s “Se Apagó (Love is Gone)”

This week, I’ve had Gaby Moreno’s song, “Se Apagó (Love is Gone)”#OnRepeat. I came across this song while scrolling through one of the social media websites, which is actually a great way to discover new and interesting music.

Gaby Moreno is a Latin Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Guatemala who became well-known throughout Latin America after recording with fellow singer Ricardo Arjona and performing with British actor, Hugh Laurie. Gaby sings in both Spanish and English, her music blending influences of Jazz, R&B, Soul, Blues, and Latin music. Some of her well-know songs are “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás,” “Song of You,”and “Y Tu Sombra.”

I was incredibly impressed with Gaby Moreno’s voice and musical vibe. Her music is simplistic and catchy and her voice is almost chameleon-like; she is able to adapt to each style of music that she performs in a different way, creating her own unique sound. “Se Apagó (Love is Gone)” is no different. Gaby sings both an English and a Spanish version of the song (hence the two different titles). Both versions hint at a theme of a relationship ending and the partners’ struggle with whether to hold on or let go. Gaby sings “Se Apagó,” displaying the bright powerful aspect of her voice, yet the English version, “Love is Gone,” is more reminiscent of Motown duet-style music; playful, yet soulful at the same time.

Take a listen to “Se Apagó” below:


Here is “Love is Gone” so that you can hear the difference:


Is there an artist or group you can’t stop listening to? Leave a comment below!

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#OnRepeat: the Temptations’ “I Wish It Would Rain”

This week I’ve had the Temptations’ “I Wish It Would Rain” #OnRepeat. Lately, I’ve been revisiting a lot of old music and, as of late, this song has been a favorite that I have no trouble relating to.

The Temptations are a vocal group from Detroit, Michigan that became successful and synonymous with M0town Records back during the 1960s and 70s. Some of their most well-known songs are “My Girl,” “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg,” and “Just My Imagination (Runnig Away From Me).” This group is one of the few that I consider to have a unique, iconic sound that remains timeless and relatable even decades later.

“I Wish It Would Rain” is obviously a song about heartbreak, but I love this song so much because you can hear how badly this person is hurting in the lyrics by the mere fact that it says he hopes continuously for it to rain outside so that he can cry. There’s so much musicality and taste in these vocalists’ performance; you can clearly hear how weary and sad the lead singer is in his portrayal of the lyrics.

Take a listen below:

What vocalist or group do you have #OnRepeat? Leave a comment below!

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